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Sodium Carbonate industrial Grade

  • Industrial Sodium Carbonate
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    Industrial Sodium Carbonate

    Industrial sodium carbonate is one of the most important chemical raw materials, widely used in chemical industry, glass, metallurgy, paper making, printing and dyeing, synthetic detergent, petrochemical, food, medicine and health industry, the amount of large, occupies an...Read More
  • Sodium Carbonate for Swimming Pools
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    Sodium Carbonate for Swimming Pools

    Sodium carbonate soda ash for swimming pools´╝îSodium carbonate is a basic salt, can reduce the PH value of water, commonly used in the treatment of acidic wastewater, such as swimming pool disinfectant treatment (disinfectant mostly acidic)Read More
  • Bulk Sodium Carbonate
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    Bulk Sodium Carbonate

    Bulk sodium carbonate is becoming more and more popular, more customers are to facilitate loading and unloading to choose it, If you have the same considerations and requirements in the ways of the product packing, you can give us your specific requirements, and we can...Read More
  • Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous
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    Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous

    Sodium carbonate anhydrous is also named soda ash, the typical strong base weak acid salt. The aqueous solution is alkaline. Can react with most of the protonic acid (acidic strong percarbonic acid), the acid is generated when the amount of carbon dioxide, but the amount of...Read More
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