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Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Sodium Bicarbonate Powder For Hemodialysis
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    Sodium Bicarbonate Powder For Hemodialysis

    Sodium Bicarbonate Powder For Hemodialysis is used for the production of dialysis solution in the treatment of acute/chronic renal failure during hemodialysis and drug poisoning.Read More
  • Sodium Bicarbonate in Food
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    Sodium Bicarbonate in Food

    Sodium bicarbonate in food can be used as an acidity regulator, leavening agent, the food industry, one of the most widely used loose agent for the production of biscuits, pastries, bread, bread, etc., is a soft drinks in the carbon dioxide generator.Read More
  • Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate
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    Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate

    Feed grade sodium bicarbonate, add baking soda in livestock and poultry feed, can effectively improve the digestibility of livestock and poultry feed, accelerate the absorption and utilization of nutrients and the excretion of harmful substances, to improve the anti-stress...Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Bicarbonate
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    Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Bicarbonate

    Pharmaceutical grade sodium bicarbonate is a white crystalline powder, itself was weakly alkaline, after oral administration can quickly neutralize gastric acid, its anti-acid effect is weak and short. In addition there is the role of alkaline solution, the pharmaceutical...Read More
  • Industrial Grade Sodium Bicarbonate
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    Industrial Grade Sodium Bicarbonate

    Industrial grade sodium bicarbonate Manufacturers and Suppliers In China, support free samples to test the quality before of make order. Superior quality & competitive price for every wholesaler.Read More
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