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  • Dl Methionine Food Grade
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    Dl Methionine Food Grade

    Dl methionine food grade containing more than 98.5% L-methionine, it is white flaky crystalline or crystalline powder, a specific odor, slightly bitter taste ①. Used in food. Accounting for 3.1% of the total protein in food. (Not for infants and young children foods.) Used to...Read More
  • Soda Ash Dense 99.2
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    Soda Ash Dense 99.2

    Soda ash dense 99.2 is a important one of the basic chemical raw materials. In the chemical industry, metallurgy, national defense, textile, printing and dyeing, food, glass, enamel, medicine, paper and other fields are widely used.Read More
  • Food Grade Compound Amino Acid
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    Food Grade Compound Amino Acid

    Food grade compound Amino Acid can be added to the baked goods, in addition to strengthening phenylalanine, and sugar from the amino - carbonyl reaction, can improve the flavor of food. If your have any order request, try to contact us for more informations.Read More
  • 4-Chlorobutyryl Chloride
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    4-Chlorobutyryl Chloride

    4-Chlorobutyryl chloride ,Density: 1.25, melting point: - 47 ° C, the boiling point: 173-174 ° C, flash point: 85 ° C, the refractive index: 1.4605-1.4625, colorless or light yellow liquid.Read More
  • Butyryl Chloride
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    Butyryl Chloride

    Butyryl chloride,Density: 1.018 melting point: - 89 ° C, the boiling point: 102 ° C refractive index: 1.4112-1.4132 flash point: 18 ° C.Can mix with ether.Read More
  • Compound amino acid powder fertilizer
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    Compound amino acid powder fertilizer

    Compound amino acid powder fertilizer as the smallest molecules that make up the protein exist in the fertilizer, which is easy to be absorbed by the crop. It also has the function of improving the disease resistance and improving the quality of fertilization. Supplement the...Read More
  • Feed Grade Compound Amino Acid
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    Feed Grade Compound Amino Acid

    The main effect of feed grade Compound Amino Acid for feed can increased flavor, promote animal appetite. to supplement animal nutrition and enhance feed utilization. Promote animal fur growth. Has a certain ability to bond, enhance the role of pellet feed stereotypes.Read More
  • 2-Chloropropionyl Chloride
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    2-Chloropropionyl Chloride

    2-Chloropropionyl chloride,Traits (Form) : the Clear to Yellow Liquid;Melting point (Mp) : - 71 ° C;Boiling point (Bp) : 109-111 ° C;Flash point (Fp) : 88 ° F;Density (D) : 1.308.Read More
  • 3-Phenylpropionyl Chloride
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    3-Phenylpropionyl Chloride

    3-Phenylpropionyl chloride,Density: 1.137; Melting point: -6 ° C; Boiling point: 225 ° C; nD20: 1.526-1.528; Flash point: 108 ° C, stability: stable in general.Read More
  • Instant Branched Chain Amino Acids
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    Instant Branched Chain Amino Acids

    Instant branched chain amino acids can reduce muscle in the movement of decomposition ,Speed up the formation of muscle protein, Reduce fatigue to enhance athletic performance. If you have any needs, contact us for more details.Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Grade L-valine
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    Pharmaceutical Grade L-valine

    L-valine is a human essential amino acid, it is used as a component of amino acid infusion in medicine, can be used as food additives, valine is one of the eight essential amino acids, can be used as raw material synthesis of isobutyraldehyde. Is a white crystalline or...Read More
  • 3-Chloropropionyl Chloride
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    3-Chloropropionyl Chloride

    3-Chloropropionyl chloride, Density: 1.33, melting point: -32 ° C, boiling point: 143-145 ° C, flash point: 49 ° C, refractive index: 1.456-1.458. And water reaction, and ethanol, nucleophilic solvents and other violent reaction.Read More
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