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Calcium Citrate Powder

  • Feed Grade Calcium Citrate
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    Feed Grade Calcium Citrate

    Feed grade calcium citrate, 98% high purity, white powder, its role is to allow lactating animals in the full calcium, to the animals to bring enough calcium, as well as the role of disease resistance, can also be made ornamental fish, dog food and other high-end feed.Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Calcium Citrate
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    Pharmaceutical Grade Calcium Citrate

    Pharmaceutical grade calcium citrate synthesis, is a ligand chelate, a calcium ion and two citric acid calcium carbonate combination, white powder, odorless, tasteless, extremely difficult to dissolve in water, soluble in hydrochloric acid.Read More
  • Food Grade Calcium Citrate
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    Food Grade Calcium Citrate

    Food Grade Calcium Citrate is a food calcium enhancer, its absorption effect is good, is the first choice for calcium deficiency crowd. food grade calcium citrate belongs to the organic acid calcium, high absorption rate, and the stomach will not produce stimulation, not easy...Read More
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