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  • Battery Grade Zinc Chloride
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    Battery Grade Zinc Chloride

    Zinc chloride soluble in water, soluble in methanol, ethanol, glycerol, acetone, ether, insoluble in liquid ammonia. Deliquescence, can absorb moisture from the air and deliquescence. Has the characteristics of dissolving metal oxides and cellulose. Molten zinc chloride has...Read More
  • Anhydrous Zinc Chloride
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    Anhydrous Zinc Chloride

    Anhydrous zinc chloride is a white powder granular chemical substances, strong deliquescence. It is packed in galvanized iron drum lined with polyethylene bag and can also be packed in galvanized iron drums of plastic drums, cardboard drums or polyethylene bags lined with...Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Zinc Chloride
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    Pharmaceutical Grade Zinc Chloride

    Pharmaceutical grade zinc chloride is a pharmaceutical intermediate, in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, can be used as organic synthesis catalyst. Products are exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.Read More
  • Industrial Grade Zinc Chloride
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    Industrial Grade Zinc Chloride

    Industrial grade zinc chloride is widely used and can be used as a dehydrating agent, catalyst, and mordant, sizing agent and weighting agent for organic synthesis industry. It is also used as oil purifying agent and activated carbon activator, cardboard, wood Anti-corrosion,...Read More
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