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  • Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Chloride
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    Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Chloride

    Sodium chloride is very important for human life. Most biological tissues contain multiple salts. The concentration of sodium in the blood is directly related to the regulation of the safety level of body fluids. The conduction of nerve impulses caused by signal transitions...Read More
  • Sodium Chloride For Hemodialysis
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    Sodium Chloride For Hemodialysis

    Sodium Chloride For Hemodialysis mainly used to adjust the osmotic pressure and regulate the electrolyte. Mainly used in production of hemodialysis powder and pertoneal dialysis and intravenous Injection use.Read More
  • Food Grade Sodium Chloride
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    Food Grade Sodium Chloride

    The main components of food grade sodium chloride, ionic compounds. Pure sodium chloride crystals are colorless and transparent cubic crystals, due to the presence of impurities in the general case of sodium chloride for the white cubic crystal or small crystal powder.Read More
  • Feed Grade Sodium Chloride
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    Feed Grade Sodium Chloride

    Feed grade Sodium chloride can promote the synthesis of organic matter such as fat and protein in the metabolic process; keep the digestive solution in the intestine, can activate amylase, and can maintain the gastric acid, a bactericidal effect. Sodium chloride can maintain...Read More
  • Agricultural Grade Sodium Chloride
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    Agricultural Grade Sodium Chloride

    Agricultural grade sodium chloride ,The aqueous solution can be used for selection. NaCl solution is arranged according to the need of species, its density is larger than water. The seeds are placed in NaCl solution, floating is not full, sink full. With salt solution...Read More
  • Industrial Grade Sodium Chloride
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    Industrial Grade Sodium Chloride

    Industrial grade sodium chloride for the manufacture of soap, ceramics, glass production, daily chemical, oil drilling, drilling work, completion fluid, petrochemical dehydration liquid, the construction industry early strength agent, the production of paint coagulant, rubber...Read More
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