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  • Raw Salt
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    Raw Salt

    Raw salt in the industrial use is very wide, known as "the mother of the chemical industry", is alkali and chlor-alkali industry, the main raw material. Widely used in agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, food processing industry. At the same time, the original salt or...Read More
  • Table Salt for Cooking
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    Table Salt for Cooking

    Table salt for cooking is processed from the sea water, underground rock (mine) salt deposits, natural brine (salty) water to sodium chloride as the main component of the processed edible salt, not including low sodium. Edible salt is the main component of sodium chloride...Read More
  • Refined Sea Salt for Piercings
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    Refined Sea Salt for Piercings

    Refined sea salt for piercings is a kind of salt. It is through the original salt halogen, brine purification, evaporation, glue, drying and other processes made of vacuum, remove the original salt contains impurities in the sediment. The purity of the salt is higher (99.6%...Read More
  • Industrial Salt for Pools
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    Industrial Salt for Pools

    Industrial Salt for pools and also can be used in the chemical industry, dyestuff industry, metallurgical industry, building materials industry, machinery industry, petroleum industry, light industry, national defense and cutting-edge technology widely used.Read More
  • Water Softener Salt
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    Water Softener Salt

    Water softener salt, also known as ion exchange resin regeneration agent, the main chemical composition of sodium chloride (NaCl), the content of 99.5% or more, soft water salt shape consistent, do not bridge, not lump, to ensure soft water quality and efficiency, soft water...Read More
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