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Calcium Chloride

  • Feed Grade Calcium Chloride
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    Feed Grade Calcium Chloride

    Feed grade calcium chloride can reduce the pH value of water in aquaculture and can further affect the activity of various microorganisms or algae in the water body, thus prolonging the duration of the effect.Read More
  • Industrial Grade Calcium Chloride
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    Industrial Grade Calcium Chloride

    Industrial grade calcium chloride mainly used as desiccant, condensate, refrigerant, widely used in frozen, building antifreeze, rubber, application on oil extraction and alginate fiber. In the oil extraction, calcium chloride solution density, containing a large number of...Read More
  • Food Grade Calcium Chloride
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    Food Grade Calcium Chloride

    Food grade calcium chloride is white powder or flakes, no smell slightly bitter, highly hygroscopic, exposed to the air easily deliquescence, soluble in water, clear and transparent aqueous solution, while releasing a lot of heat, soluble In alcohol, acetone, acetic acid and...Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Calcium Chloride
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    Pharmaceutical Grade Calcium Chloride

    Pharmaceutical grade calcium chloride can be used for calcium deficiency caused by tetany and intestinal colic, ureteral cramps and so on. 2. Can be used for low calcium caused by urticaria, exudative edema, itching skin disease. 3. For the rescue of magnesium salt poisoning....Read More
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