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Ammonium Chloride

  • Feed Grade Ammonium Chloride
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    Feed Grade Ammonium Chloride

    Feed grade Ammonium chloride in livestock production has two main applications. On the one hand, can be used as ruminant non-protein nitrogen feed additives, alternative feed part of the biological protein; the other hand, can also be used as acidity regulator feed additives,...Read More
  • Food Grade Ammonium Chloride
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    Food Grade Ammonium Chloride

    Food grade ammonium chloride is colorless crystalline or white granular powder, odorless, high purity (99.5% -99.8%), very low impurity content, low content of heavy metal ions, can be used for yeast nutrient and dough improver; also can be used as a taste agent; for bread,...Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Ammonium Chloride
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    Pharmaceutical Grade Ammonium Chloride

    Pharmaceutical grade ammonium chloride raw materials, from the medical point of view of the product for the expectoration, cough, diuretics. It is high purity ammonium chloride, stable performance, ammonium chloride absorption can make body fluids and urine acidic, can be...Read More
  • Agriculture Grade Ammonium Chloride Fertilizer
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    Agriculture Grade Ammonium Chloride Fertilizer

    Agriculture grade ammonium chloride Fertilizer referred to as "ammonium chloride", it is a quick nitrogen chemical fertilizer, nitrogen content of 24% to 25%, is a physiological acid fertilizer. It is suitable for wheat, rice, corn, rape and other crops, especially for cotton...Read More
  • Industrial Grade Ammonium Chloride
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    Industrial Grade Ammonium Chloride

    Ammonium chloride is a colorless crystal or white crystalline powder; odorless, taste salty, cool; It is soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol, Industrial grade ammonium chloride is mainly used for batteries, electroplating, dyeing, casting, medicine, flocking,...Read More
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