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Branched Chain Amino Acid Powder

  • Instant Branched Chain Amino Acids
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    Instant Branched Chain Amino Acids

    Instant branched chain amino acids can reduce muscle in the movement of decomposition ,Speed up the formation of muscle protein, Reduce fatigue to enhance athletic performance. If you have any needs, contact us for more details.Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Grade L-valine
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    Pharmaceutical Grade L-valine

    L-valine is a human essential amino acid, it is used as a component of amino acid infusion in medicine, can be used as food additives, valine is one of the eight essential amino acids, can be used as raw material synthesis of isobutyraldehyde. Is a white crystalline or...Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Grade L-isoleucine
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    Pharmaceutical Grade L-isoleucine

    Pharmaceutical grade l-isoleucine, White crystalline pieces or crystalline powder. Slightly bitter. Odorless Sublimation temperature 168-170 ℃. Belong to the essential amino acids, necessary for adult nitrogen balance.Read More
  • L-leucine Food Additive
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    L-leucine Food Additive

    L-leucine food additive is essential amino acids, normal growth and adult essential to maintain normal nitrogen balance. Export for the kraft paper bag or paper drum, each bag (barrel) net content of 25kg, can also be packaged according to customer’s requirements.Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Grade L-leucine
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    Pharmaceutical Grade L-leucine

    Pharmaceutical grade L-leucine, also known as leucine, chemical called α-amino isocaproic acid. L-leucine is a common amino acid, is also one of the eight essential amino acids.Read More
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