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Amino Acid Powder

  • 80% Compound Amino Acid Powder For Organic Fertilizer
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    80% Compound Amino Acid Powder For Organic Fertilizer

    80% Compound Amino Acid powder for organic fertilizer is a kind of new raw materials,high purity is more suitable for Fertilizer production.It will gradually replace low purity amino acid powder in furture.Read More
  • 45% Compound Amino Acid Powder For Agriculture
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    45% Compound Amino Acid Powder For Agriculture

    45% compound amino acid powder for agriculture is an elemental composite unit of protein and made of animal protein, such as animal bones, furs, manure and etc. It is a kind of biologic organism and contains 15 kinds of amino acids with fully solubility.Read More
  • L-Pyroglutamic Acid
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    L-Pyroglutamic Acid

    L-pyroglutamic acid is a chemical substance, a transparent and fine crystal, which is used as an intermediate in organic synthesis, food additives, medicine and cosmetics.Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Grade L-tyrosine
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    Pharmaceutical Grade L-tyrosine

    Pharmaceutical Grade l-tyrosine is an important nutrition essential amino acid which plays an important role in the metabolism and growth of human and animals. It is widely used in food, feed, medicine and chemical industries.Read More
  • L-lysine Pharmaceutical Grade
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    L-lysine Pharmaceutical Grade

    L-lysine pharmaceutical grade can also be used as a diuretics of adjuvant drugs, treatment of blood chloride chloride caused by the reduction of lead poisoning phenomenon, but also with acidic drugs (such as salicylic acid, etc.) to reduce the salt to reduce adverse...Read More
  • Dl Methionine Pharmaceutical Grade
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    Dl Methionine Pharmaceutical Grade

    Dl methionine pharmaceutical grade can be used as health food, fillers, pharmaceutical raw materials and so on. It is one of the essential amino acids in the body, mainly used for food industry nutrition supplement. Followed by the pharmaceutical industry for amino acids...Read More
  • Methionine in Animals
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    Methionine in Animals

    Methionine in animals is an important essential amino acid for animals. Methionine hydroxyl analogues can be converted to methionine in animals and play their nutritional role. In addition, it can also be used as ruminant rumen protein source and piglet diets acidifier, can...Read More
  • Dl Methionine Feed Grade
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    Dl Methionine Feed Grade

    Dl methionine feed grade is feed nutrition enhancer. Livestock lack of methionine, can cause dysplasia, weight loss, liver and kidney function, muscle atrophy, skin deterioration and so on. Feed 1kg methionine, equivalent to 50kg fish meal nutritional value. Feed in the...Read More
  • Orotic Acid Vitamin B13
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    Orotic Acid Vitamin B13

    Orotic acid vitamin b13 appearance is white needle crystal. Melting point 345-346 ° C (decomposition). In 100ml of water through dissolved 0.18g, 100ml boiling water can dissolve 13g, very slightly soluble in alcohol and organic solvents, insoluble in ether. Odorless, Pickle.Read More
  • DL-Homocysteinethiolactone Hydrochloride
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    DL-Homocysteinethiolactone Hydrochloride

    DL-Homocysteinethiolactone Hydrochloride is a chemical intermediate, its molecular formula C4H8ClNOS, with a molecular weight of 153.6304.Read More
  • Glycylglycine
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    Glycylglycine has also been reported to be helpful in solubilizing recombinant proteins in E. coli. Using different concentrations of the glycylglycine improvement in protein solubility after cell lysis has been observed.Read More
  • L-lysine Feed Grade
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    L-lysine Feed Grade

    L-lysine feed grade Is one of the essential amino acids in animals, is involved in the important part of protein synthesis, although the plant protein contains a small amount of lysine, but can not meet the needs of animals, animal feed to add the right amount of lysine is...Read More
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